June 3, 2016

At JG’s Collision Your Safety Is Our Business.

You car has been designed for the maximum protection of you and your passengers in case of and accident. It has been designed with systems including manufactured crush zones and crash beams made of various metals along with airbags and restraint systems all meant to deploy in order to keep you as safe as possible.

The true measure of how well a vehicle has been repaired isn’t how good it looks after we’re done although that’s very important. The true measure of well a vehicle has been repaired is how well the systems and engineering works in keeping you safe in case your in another accident. Unfortunately that’s also a bad time to find out.

That’s why JG’s Collision makes the investment we do in auto body repair equipment and training in order to make your car look great again and more importantly repair it so that it works the way it was designed to in case you have another accident.


JG’s Collision the little shop that cares!